At BuildTuff, we control all aspects of the engineering, manufacturing and supply processes to ensure our products are delivered to an exceptional standard.

We reimagine traditional products and through rigorous testing, we create an improved version made with superior features.

We invite you to discover a smarter way to work, with BuildTuff.


We reimagine, design & engineer new building products & innovative solutions.


We manufacture BuildTuff products in house to ensure peak quality control.


We supply BuildTuff customers with smarter building systems.


BuildTuff is part of the award winning Evolve Group, which owns and operates a world-class injection moulding facility in Australia. BuildTuff specialise in developing, manufacturing and supplying building systems to the global market.

Our building systems provide solutions for the hardware, plumbing, DIY, mining, and HVAC industries. As part of our USA operation, we proudly support American manufacturing jobs by producing BuildTuff products right here in the USA.

At BuildTuff, we work daily with award-winning industrial designers, engineers, suppliers, and manufacturers to deliver building systems for small to large building jobs, as our products have a place within them all.


We listen and we learn. We collaborate with the best companies and individuals available to deliver the best product advancements.

We believe that delivering incredible building products and contributing to a sustainable future are mutually exclusive.

At the core of every product development, you will see our commitment to sustainability and the circular economy. No products made from virgin material, or single use items will ever be produced by BuildTuff.

We believe value doesn’t start and stop with just competitive pricing. BuildTuff takes a considered approach to how items are packed, stocked and sold to maximise every possible efficiency available. Whether it's ensuring items are efficiently designed for shipping to reduce environmental impact, or helping advance arduous and outdated building methods to avoid harm. 

We believe in discovering smarter.


Our products span a multitude of industries including DIY, mining, plumbing and HVAC. We work closely with our partners to provide innovative solutions that ensure our customers are always on the cutting edge and leading the pack.

We are always on the lookout for innovative ways to design, develop and manufacture new products. We work hand in hand with world-leading and award-winning designers, engineers, developers, manufacturers and suppliers to provide the best solutions for our customers.


At BuildTuff, we know that the best ideas come from our customers and their customers, so please do not hesitate to Contact Us at any time to discuss how we can help you solve your next product challenge. Another great resource is our FAQ for common questions and answers, as well as our Blog and joining our Newsletter for free tips and building education.

From small to large building jobs, our products have a place within them all. We invite you to discover a smarter way to work. Build On. BuildTuff.


We redefine how things are done.

New thinking is at the core of every product. We unpack how a product looks and functions to achieve a superior build.


We are enhancing what already exists.

Our products incorporate more features, stronger materials or superior functionality to have you building on a better product.


We will improve performance.

Through our redefined and enhanced products we improve the performance of the product and the performance of your project.