TuffBlock Deck Blocks versus Handi Block - A Comparison

Check out this comparison between TuffBlock, and concrete blocks like Handi Block, and see which is best for your project.

Deck blocks were introduced over 30 years ago to the U.S market and soon became a popular alternative to digging holes and mixing concrete when building traditional foundations for decks. Since then, instant foundation deck blocks, such as Handi Block, have been embraced worldwide forcreating strong and stable instant foundation systems for both professional and DIY projects. Check out these foundation blocks.

Evo-Crete Handi Block

While there has been significant product evolution during that time, not one deck foundation system has truly been designed to be as versatile as truly needed. Imagine if an instant foundation system existed that could save time, labour, and cost in building low profile or grade level decks, garden sheds, landings, walkways, cubby houses, dog shelters and more? Finally, there is an instant foundation system that has cracked Handi Blocks and concrete deck block products for good…. introducing the TuffBlock.


Compared to Handi Blocks or concrete blocks, TuffBlocks have been designed and engineered from 100% recycled plastic, making them an ultra-lightweight alternative to concrete blocks. The TuffBlock weighs 1.5 lbs and is much lighter than your standard concrete deck block, meaning it is much easier to transport and use.

TuffBlock with Post in situation

TuffBlock with Joist in situation

By comparison, the Handi Block or concrete blocks weigh a heavy 40lbs plus, and are brittle, cumbersome and lack versatility. TuffBlock is break tested to 11,000 pounds and due to its ultra-low profile, can give builders a wider range of applications on projects.

So, there you have it - Which foundation system would you prefer to work with when creating your next construction project? When selecting your next foundation system, try the lightweight, strong, eco-friendly TuffBlock instead of concrete blocks such as Handi Block.

Another benefit of using the Tuffblock is the two varied slot sizes which accommodate 1½ - 2-inch joists and bearers and 3.5" x 3.5" or 4" x 4" square posts. There are multiple ways to use the TuffBlocks as they have been engineered for structures up to 39" above ground, therefore, they are ideal for low profile decks and raised decks up to 5 foot.


TuffBlock is the ultimate foundation block and can easily be used over any surface for temporary and permanent structures. They also work great on residential low-profile or raised decks and is a great solution for projects on sloping ground. Another reason to choose TuffBlock is the fact they can be used in conjunction with traditional concrete footers as an intermediary support, which can save on install time. This hybrid method works great in high wind load areas.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to the BuildTuff Youtube Channel, grab your tools and start planning ways you can incorporate TuffBlock into your next home improvement project. As always it is recommended to check your local building guidelines before starting any construction project.

Should you wish to find more information on the BuildTuff range, stockist information, FAQ’s, support, and videos, just head to BuildTuff.com. If you get stuck you can always refer to our FAQs or contact us via our website.

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