Q&A With Rob - First EVER TuffBlock Build

This was Rob’s first ever deck build and he nailed it.

Meet Rob. He and his wife decided to extend their living space so that they could enjoy spending time outdoors. BuildTuff have had the pleasure of getting to know Rob over the past couple of months as he wrapped up his first ever deck build. We’ve watched Rob build an extraordinary deck as an extension to his household and we’re super impressed. We asked Rob a few questions about his BuildTuff journey and what made him choose TuffBlocks for his first ever deck build.

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How did you come across TuffBlocks? 
I came across TuffBlocks when googling floating decks. I came across TuffBlocks as an option and was very intrigued.  I did some more research and figured that the TuffBlocks would be the perfect choice for my deck’s foundation system. 

What made you choose TuffBlocks for your deck build? 
I loved the versatility the TuffBlocks offered and how easy they were to move around and adjust. It’s also worth mentioning that the cost compared to concrete piers was nearly identical.

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What are the dimensions of your deck build?
The deck is 28 x 15 feet.

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What materials did you use?
We used varying sizes of treated lumber including:
  •  4 x 4 posts for leveling inside the TuffBlocks
  • 12 x 9  and 16 x 9 boards
  • We also used the traditional materials such as a level, deck screws, joists hangers, nails, carriage bolts, and good old fashioned elbow grease. 
    What YouTube videos were the most helpful in assisting you with your deck build?
    Check out the following videos if you’re looking to build your first ever deck or looking to build with TuffBlocks for the first time: https://youtu.be/EC8mklq-ctw and https://youtu.be/QEdxX63359o.
    (The BuildTuff team also recommend that you check out: https://youtu.be/2sipQzYWw00)

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    Have you ever done a project like this before?
    No. I have never built a deck. I have built a bar, but never a deck.  My mom and I took this project head on and ran with it. Luckily she had a little experience that proved helpful. Once we got started it all came together quickly! 
    What inspired you to build your deck?
    Mostly our desire to extend our New Orleans themed party basement to the outside where we had a flat yard but no place to gather. My wife and I love spending time on patios and really wanted to be able to do that at home. We also have two large German Shepherds that have torn up the yard. Most of that is now covered by our amazing deck!
    What did you like about the TuffBlocks?
    They were so easy to use and very versatile. The guys at BuildTuff were also helpful when making queries about TuffBlocks. 
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    Would you recommend them to your family, friends and colleagues?
    Definitely!  It was so simple and turned out amazing for us!!
    What’s your next project?
    Whatever my wife wants me to do next….

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    If you’ve been thinking of adding a deck to your home but feel it’s just too big of a task or beyond you… think again. Head to your local Lowes Home Improvement store to check out our TuffBlocks. 
    For more guidance, inspiration and education we highly recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel, checking out our how-to-guide and educational resources on our website. 
    Build on.
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