Could Plastic Replace Traditional Concrete Footings?

A Plastic Footing that supports 1,700 lbs!

Could a piece of plastic replace traditional concrete footings?

When building a deck, traditionally the builder will dig footings and pour concrete for the foundation. Another method for low profile decks is concrete blocks that can be placed directly on the ground. Now, there are new products hitting the market that are making deck installs quicker and easier.

One of those products is called TuffBlock: an instant foundation system made of recycled polymers. TuffBlock footings only weigh 1.5 lbs but can support 1,700 lbs! According to TuffBlock's documentation, it's been tested to over 11,000 lbs without collapsing.

Since TuffBlock is a floating foundation system, it can easily be used over concrete or asphalt for temporary structures. They also work great on residential low-profile or raised decks, even when there is a slope.

TuffBlock footings were recently used at a boutique hotel in downtown Austin called The Carpenter Hotel. Austin Deck Company built the poolside deck and boardwalk and TuffBlocks were an excellent choice for a quick install without disturbing the root system of the large heritage trees on the property.

Another reason I like TuffBlock is the system can be used in conjunction with traditional concrete footers as an intermediate support, which can save some install time. This hybrid method works great in high wind load areas or in areas with potential shifting soil.

TuffBlock footings are available at any TimberTown location, we also have more info and installation guides in our resources section.

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